We need young ideas for old challenges.Australia’s got an ageing dilemma. Many Australians are living and working longer, and as a whole, Australians...

Design for Social Innovation


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Design for social innovation

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We need young ideas for old challenges.

Australia’s got an ageing dilemma. Many Australians are living and working longer, and as a whole, Australians over the age of 65 are now wealthier and healthier than any previous generations. At the same time, not all Australians are experiencing their older years equally. In addition, slower economic growth and an ageing demographic is set to place huge strain on taxes and governments, not-for-profits and communities into the future.

We need young, creative ideas and new approaches if we are ever going to achieve the outcomes and wellbeing we desire. Join us as we explore the latest co-design approaches to social problems, and tackle the biggest issue of them all: rethinking ageing.

The Baby Boomer generation is now moving into their senior years; 5.3 million Australians are aged 51-69. The Australian Centre for Social Innovation (TACSI) has been on the ground talking to Baby Boomers across Australia and they’re not happy with what’s on the menu. 

Our ageing population can be a boom not a burden. What is the social and economic good of longer lives?  How do we support the growth and spread of innovation in ageing? How do we engage Baby Boomers, organisations and governments to reimagine ageing?

In this day-long workshop, you’ll learn from TACSI and the Centre for Social Impact, community members and small not-for profits, right up to large corporates, philanthropists, researchers and government leaders - and experience what it means to use design methods for social innovation.

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