Design Infidelity: Alternative Methods for Thinking and Acting

Design Infidelity: Alternative Methods for Thinking and Acting
03 Jun 2017
10:00 - 16:00
Ground Floor, 111 Flinders St, Surry Hills NSW 2010
Designers and their skills are growing in recognised value every day. More and more are playing vital strategic roles in business, influencing policy and reshaping futures.
With emerging design professionals now expected to work in such divergent fields, do we need alternative processes and thinking methods to tackle contemporary challenges?
Design Infidelity explores what it means for designers to stop thinking like designers, and offers alternative methods for acknowledging empathy, measuring value and success, approaching problems and implementing change. These methods work in addition to existing processes and skills currently utilised by each designer.
In this exclusive workshop, we will work through a series of activities together that are reflexive, fun and challenging, that interrogate processes, challenge the status quo, and look beyond design to find new ways to solve problems. 
You will:
  • Experiment with techniques borrowed from fields as varied as journalism, software engineering, mathematics, anthropology, art theory, biology, linguistics and law
  • Discover and adapt these techniques into your own process
  • Explore the unique ways you influence and affect design, participate in process, and recognise valuable insight
  • Investigate and form new rules and ethics for understanding people
  • Create knowledge and build tools to implement learnings together

The activities focus on thinking and are not discipline-specific, so are accessible for designers (and those who work with them) of all kinds and experience levels, including students.

All materials and learning guides are supplied (including all important snacks, thanks to Harvest Box) and each participant will leave with artefacts of their own personal design approach.

The workshop is led by Bonnie Abbott of Double Days: an experimental, research-led design partnership co-located in Melbourne and London.

This venue has been generously provided by our sponsor, Spaces.



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