Design can save your life: How can creativity improve comprehension of health data?

08 Jun
15:00 - 17:00
140 George St, The Rocks 2000
Vivid Ideas Exchange, Museum of Contemporary Art, Australia
140 George St, The Rocks 2000

Interpreting health data is the very basis on which life and death decisions are made. Unfortunately, most medical publications and significant health bodies present research and data in ways that can be challenging to even the most statistically astute. Studies show that whilst 95 per cent of physicians say it's important to understand all statistics in medical journals, 75 per cent said they couldn't.* So when you and your doctor are making a critical decision based on health data, will it be the best decision?

Join us to see a team of top design students decode clinical data on medicinal marijuana in the treatment of epilepsy.  Hear from WPP Health & Wellness's head of Brain Sciences Centre in London, David Davenport-Firth and our panel of industry professionals on the new era in health data comprehension.

This experimental event, led by WPP Health & Wellness, and Torrens University's Billy Blue Design College, will challenge your thinking on how we decipher health data and hopefully inspire you to make it more accessible and legible through smart design thinking.

*Ref: 1. Windish et al 2007. Medicine residents' understanding of the biostatistics and results in the medical literature. JAMA, 298, 1010-1022

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