Deadlines, Dreams and Goals

Deadlines, Dreams and Goals
10 Jun - 09 Jun 2017 09:30 - 16:30
Level 1, 66 Oxford Street, Darlinghurst NSW 2010
Creative Plus Business

Setting goals can be extremely difficult, because it requires an answer to that vexing age-old question “What do you want?”. And once goals have been set, how do we find the time to keep them? And what about all those other deadlines and our long-term dreams?

In this fun and practical one-day workshop, creative participants learn how to brainstorm and identify what they want in their business, professional, creative and personal lives — and then make a plan to get there.

This workshops focuses on:

  • Making personal and professional goals that are smart, specific and achievable;
  • Outlining better ways to meet your deadlines and manage time;
  • Making To-Do lists that actually work;
  • Creating a practical strategy to effectively realise your dreams and goals;
  • Making goal setting and goal keeping a lifelong habit.

Deadlines, Dreams and Goals is tailored specifically to creative people who are (or want to be) self-employed, and the activities are relevant no matter what your profession — filmmakers, writers, designers, visual artists, performers. Anyone can benefit from learning more about how to strategise to get what they want from creative business.

Deadlines, Dreams and Goals is presented by Monica Davidson, the doyenne of Creative Plus Business and an award-winning creative industries consultant and presenter with decades of personal experience in both creative practice and arts business.

All participants at the Deadlines, Dreams and Goals presentation receive a workbook stuffed full of extra resources and exercises in both printed and PDF form, a link to a bespoke website with links and notes, and a chance to network with other people just like them.

If you reside in NSW, you'll also get the chance to benefit from two free business advisory sessions with the team at Creative Plus Business. These sessions will be subsidised in full by the NSW Industry Business Connect program — no strings attached!

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