The world that initially shaped our current senior secondary school system in Australia no longer exists. The workplace that our students will inhabit...

Creativity in Education Renaissance Souls: Teaching for a Multipotentialite Future


Level 6 Terrace Entrance
2000 NSW

Vivid Ideas Exchange, Museum of Contemporary Art, Australia
Creativity in Education

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The world that initially shaped our current senior secondary school system in Australia no longer exists. The workplace that our students will inhabit is changing daily. This presents educators with a unique opportunity to confront the challenges in education and create new ways of teaching and skilling students. Today’s reality is that we need our students to be multi-skilled, flexible and adaptable — multipotentialites. 
In the 2017 Creativity in Education forum, we will explore how educators can use differentiated learning to encourage and ensure all students are ready for the contemporary world and workplace. Our panel of renaissance souls will provide insight and share ways to inspire and embed multipotentialite thinking in students.
MC - Angela Catterns AM is one of Australia's most experienced broadcasters and interviewers. With a diverse media career in film, TV and radio she has presented programs nationally, in Sydney, in country NSW and in Washington DC. 
Speaker - Jon Black was appointed managing director of TAFE NSW, Australia's largest vocational education and training provider in December 2015. Mr Black was previously director-general of the Queensland Departments of Environment and Heritage Protection, and Energy and Water Supply. 
With a strong background in water management in Queensland as the former chief executive officer of the Northern South East Queensland (SEQ) Distributor-Retailer Authority, Unitywater, and prior to that, the SEQ water and sewerage distribution business, Jon combines this first-hand industry and government knowledge with a wealth of leadership experience gained in his 25 year career with the Australian Army. Mr Black has qualifications from the University of New South Wales, the Australian Institute of Company Directors, The Royal Military College, Duntroon and the United States Marine Corps, Virginia, USA. Jon is also an adjunct professor at the University of Queensland
Speaker - Professor Michael Anderson is professor of Creativity, Arts and Education at The University of Sydney. He is a co-founder of 4C Transformative Learning, an organisation that works with educators to facilitate transformation and makes learning responsive to the challenges and opportunities of the 21st century. His research and practice focuses on the role of the 4Cs in making schools and the education sector fit for the 21st century.
His co-authored book with Dr Miranda Jefferson, Transforming Learning provides frameworks and approaches that show the way for learners and teachers to understand and engage in explicit and integrated learning in the 4Cs. Michael has worked as a teacher and consultant and has written widely on the role of cutting edge technology in shaping transformed learning. He is an award-winning teacher and researcher and speaks regularly in the media and through keynotes on approaching the transformation of schools.
Speaker – Costa Loucopoulos is currently the curriculum specialist at The Arts at the Australian Curriculum, Assessment and Reporting Authority. He has been an educator for over 25 years both secondary and tertiary as well as running his own training company. Costa will be speaking on the classroom and its democratic values, exploring the role of teaching practice in the development of ‘democratic literacy’ in adolescents, and by extension society.
It supports the notion that it is through interaction in the classroom that we are taught how to behave as free entities who respect order and debate. The role of teaching in a democratic society will be also be discussed, encouraging critical awareness and emancipation from test centred behaviours that are more about induction into a system. Costa will assert that the best teaching instructs students how to use the system to add value to their lives and the community.
Case study – Bradfield Senior College - Meredith Melville-Jones, College Director
In 2016, Meredith led the Vivid Ideas Creative Careers project at Bradfield where year 11 students were involved in designing and staging the event as part of Vivid Sydney. This year the Vivid Ideas Creative Careers event has been fully integrated into the year 11 curriculum and Bradfield’s Industry Experience Program. All students apply for a job role within the project and are assigned to a project team in areas such as exhibition, performance, community projects and event planning. Students are working on cross-curricular projects using design thinking and project-based learning to develop skills in collaboration, creativity, communication, problem-solving, project management and critical thinking. 
Student speaker – Sophie Delezio
Sophie will speak about her experiences with the new Year 11 approach to the HSC at Bradfield. At 16, Sophie has plenty of plans for her future but no one specific pathway, so she is using her time at Bradfield to explore her varied interests in event planning, acting and leadership through the Vivid Ideas Creative Careers project.
Student speaker - Chace Pilkington
Chace will speak about how the new approach to the curriculum and the HSC at Bradfield has impacted on his learning. In particular, his experiences interviewing residents of a local aged care facility for our 'Secrets' documentary project. He will talk about intergenerational learning and the profound effect it has had on him. Chace wills peak about his experiences with the new Year 11 approach to the HSC at Bradfield and in particular about how this experience led to him interviewing residents of local aged care facilities, which has had a profound effect on his learning.
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