What: A one-day, interactive workshop with keynote presentations and panel discussions.Who: A stellar line-up of sharing economy experts, arts luminaries...

Creatives Get Mutual Summit: Practical Tools For Building Collaborative Enterprise


Peace Embassy
2008 NSW

Creatives Get Mutual Summit Conference

Event Details

What: A one-day, interactive workshop with keynote presentations and panel discussions.

Who: A stellar line-up of sharing economy experts, arts luminaries, political champions and co-operative business experts led by rebel lawyer, cartoonist and co-op activist, Janelle Orsi (USA).

Who for: Artists, creatives, sharing economy enthusiasts, policy makers, funders and practitioners.

The Creatives Get Mutual Summit is an interactive one-day conference designed to equip you with take home tools for setting up and running a collaborative creative business.

The Summit permits time to understand the practical challenges and explore the opportunities for creative industry practitioners to form collaborative businesses including co-operatives.

Expanding on the issues discussed at the Creatives Get Mutual Seminar on Sunday 5 June, this hands-on workshop challenges the creative industries to find new ways to survive in the competitive environment of the new sharing economy. The Summit focuses on shared ownership models for sustainable creative industries.

Freelance journalists, filmmakers, musicians, designers, photographers, and other independent creatives, are facing shared struggles as it becomes increasingly difficult to build sustainable livelihoods while preserving the integrity of their work … What if creative professionals could own the means of their own production?”  Read Janelle Orsi's preamble statement in full here.

Join rebel-lawyer, activist, author and cartoonist, Janelle Orsi, and these speakers and facilitators to unpack the ‘new’ sharing economy models.

·        Rainer Schlueter, sculptor, artist and co-op activist
·        Melina Morrison, co-op lobbyist
·        Claire Marshall, sharing economy blogger and filmmaker
·        James Winter, artist, actor, co-operator
·        Cameron Wall, IT entrepreneur
·        Bronwyn Bancroft, artist, co-operator
·        Robyn Donnelly, co-operative lawyer
·        Daniel Potter, theatremaker, co-operator
·        Garry Cronan, researcher and co-op expert
·        Alan Grieg, employee ownership expert
·        Dr Joanne Jakovich, design thinking, workshop facilitator
·        Peter Tregilgas, curator and social enterprise consultant

Co-op supporters Nationals Senator for Victoria Bridget McKenzie and Labor MP, Julie Owens, join the workshop for a live panel discussion.

What will the Summit cover?

·        What is a co-op? - start up advice
·        What is this ‘sharing business’?
·        What is the role for government and policy makers?
·        Creative co-ops in Australia - on the ground experience and case studies
·        Interactive workshop: ​Design thinking led by Dr Joanne Jakovich
·        Networking lunch and post conference cocktail event

Read a statement from Peter Tregilgas, Event Curator. For more information on the event, please click here.

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Janelle Orsi travel has been generously supported by the Business Council of Co-operatives and Mutuals (BCCM) and Employee Ownership Australia.

Presented by Social Enterprise Services Australia in association with the Business Council of Co-operatives and Mutuals. Note: Seminar admission free with Summit tickets (all categories). Booking and transaction fees may apply.