ownership, language, structure and sharing for a creative new economyWho highjacked the bus!“We need musician-owned replacements for iTunes, filmmaker-owned...

Creatives Get Cooperative - Seminar


Level 6 Terrace Entrance
2000 NSW

Vivid Ideas Exchange, Museum of Contemporary Art, Australia

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ownership, language, structure and sharing for a creative new economy

Who highjacked the bus!

“We need musician-owned replacements for iTunes, filmmaker-owned replacements for YouTube, and democratic media outlets that put control in the hands of journalists” - Janelle Orsi keynote speaker for Creatives Get Mutual mounted a challenge in Vivid Idea 2016.

Creatives Get Cooperative 2017 builds on the ground work of Vivid Ideas 2016 to expand the dialogue of platform cooperativism and collaborative enterprise to inspire an understanding of cooperative models for values based sharing and a distributive economy. The focus in 2017 is both action to reclaim the language of collaboration and develop networks to build creative ventures through joint collaboration and shared ownership.

Get on the bus ...

From strategy comes action and structure for innovative creative enterprises. In 2017, Creatives Get Cooperative is working with the New Zealand based innovative social experimental network Enspiral to demonstrate and identify opportunity for creative collaboration and values based language.

The seminar will be led by the founder of P2P Commons Michel Bauwens via video-link from Europe who will discuss current international context and pose the challenge for the interactive panel of experts including:

  • Joshua Vial:  Catalyst and co-founder of Enspiral global network of entrepreneurs and start-ups
  • Prof Ghil’ad Zuckerman: Chair of Linguistics and Endangered Languages at the University of Adelaide
  • Dr Natalia Nikalova: Snr Lecturer & Researcher - Transdisciplinary Innovation organisational & management practices, strategy and innovation UTS
  • Jess Scully: Curator, policy thinker, festival director, media producer and Director GLAM Sydney, passionate about using creativity to inspire social change
  • Claire Marshall:  Film maker, award-winning creative and experienced speaker & facilitator incl conferences such as Ouishare (Paris), Re:publica (Berlin) and Disrupt (Sydney)
  • Peter Tregilgas:  Director of the original arts disrupter the Adelaide Fringe, curator and producer for the definitive publications “Social Enterprise in Australia” and “Cooperatives in Australia”.

Creative Industries are not immune to the challenge of casualisation, low-wage work, and freelancer exploitation. Platform based technologies, creative organisations and start-ups need to collaborate and adapt the co-op eco systems of online platforms to support productivity such as digital labour brokerages and web-based marketplaces but are collectively owned and democratically governed.

Creatives Get Cooperatives - Seminar will provide insight and context on:

  • Market opportunity for creative cooperative business and social enterprise
  • Income & Livelihood Pooling & Shared Pooling
  • Collective decision making:  Agreement and Sustainable cooperative ownership and management
  • Community investment, community shares and crowd equity
  • Commons and P2P concepts and alternative economies
  • Language of Sharing and marketing


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Creatives Get Cooperatives Seminar will provide the context for the expanded workshop the next day (Creatives Get Cooperative – Workshop – Mon 5 Jun)

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Creatives Get Cooperative – Seminar & Workshop is directed to artists, performers, musicians, screen media, arts and creative organisations and management, government (F/S/L) creative industry units, community engagement divisions and policy initiators. Artist representatives and artists labour market representatives. 

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www. http://socialenterprise.com.au/creative-get-cooperative-vivid-ideas-2017/


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