Creative Frontiers in The Asia Pacific: Live at The Distillery

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09 Jun 2016
18:30 - 20:00
The Distillery, 115 Crown Street, Darlinghurst, Sydney NSW 2010
Australia lives on the doorstep of a creative goldmine - with increasing opportunity and wealth in the Asia Pacific, a population of over 4 billion people are curiously seeking new ideas, culture and forms of expression.
Drawing on our own diverse cultural heritage and identity, Australia has an opportunity to become a creative leader in our region, exploring creative culture to form new and exciting possibilities.
The evening will present a panel of four internationally recognised creative practitioners who have grown into emerging Asia Pacific markets and includes:
  • Mikala Tai, Director, 4A Centre for Contemporary Asian Art
  • Haryono Setiadi, Fashion Designer, Haryono Setiadi
  • Adam Brimo, Co-Founder,
  • Nathan Leong, Founder and Managing Director, The Distillery

Offering the story of their journeys to date, the panellists will explore opportunities, successes and challenges they have faced in their creative enterprises. You will obtain keen insight on key topics such as:

  • How we use creativity to unlock commercial opportunities in the Asia Pacific
  • How tradition, wealth and freedom of expression intersect these markets
  • The effectiveness of empathy and cross-cultural understanding to achieve progress

Following Q&A, you are invited to experience a live musical performance and hands-on letterpress printmaking workshops.

We invite you to engage in dialogue with like-minded business professionals who have grown into emerging overseas creative markets. Reflect on creative process, cultural paradigms and commercial strategy that highlights some of the opportunities, successes and challenges facing Australian Creative Industries.

This event is presented by The Distillery: an award winning creative studio in Darlinghurst, specialising in crafting brands, boutique stationery and cultural events, and in 2014 expanded into Jakarta Indonesia.


*Booking and transaction fees may apply