Entrepreneurship is the heart of business and successful businesses arise from a desire to seize an opportunity creatively. This may start with a blue-sky...

Creative Entrepreneurship


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Creative Entrepreneurship

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Entrepreneurship is the heart of business and successful businesses arise from a desire to seize an opportunity creatively. This may start with a blue-sky vision but soon needs to be translated into practical reality. In this course, we capture the creative spirit of an entrepreneurial mindset whilst providing you with skills for developing the opportunity.

Whether you are starting out or vested with growing a business, you will learn how an entrepreneurial spirit and positive risk-taking is needed to generate a return. In so doing, this course will equip you with a mindset for identifying and executing key opportunities that prevail in the market place.

We will examine the creative process to ensure your great ideas come to fruition and explain the business development steps required for achieving a successful outcome.

This creative entrepreneurship workshop aims to:

1. Equip you with the creative mindset, knowledge and ability to commence your entrepreneurial activity.
2. Help you to succeed as a creative entrepreneur, through the development of your personal brand and a network that will help serve your cause.

At the completion of this creative entrepreneurship workshop you will:

1. Be ready to develop and refine your capability for taking limited resources and creatively transforming your ideas into sustainable business success.
2. Successfully position and sell your ideas for obtaining funding, then develop your skills to achieve initial sales targets and build an ongoing business.
3. Apply creative entrepreneurial thinking across disciplines as a means of personal empowerment.

This creative entrepreneurship workshop will cover the following content:

• Developing a creative mindset that senses, acts on and mobilises opportunities in uncertain conditions / vague real-world situations. In so doing, reframing problems for creating business opportunities.
• Evolving your personal brand and networking with recognised entrepreneurs for support.
• How to create a climate within your organisation that fosters creative entrepreneurialism.
• Leading a team where members build relationships, observe, experiment and create in order to solve problems.
• Assessing, strategising and implementing new ideas with creative flair.

This Creative Entrepreneurship course is suitable for aspiring entrepreneurs, leaders in a start-up organisation or leaders responsible for developing a new initiative within an established organisation. Business owners and post-graduate students seeking to build a creative entrepreneurial mindset will also benefit from this course.