Creative Communities, Makerspaces, and Libraries

Creative Communities, Makerspaces and Libraries
31 May
09:00 - 16:30
30 Shoreline Drive, Rhodes 2138
The Connection
30 Shoreline Drive, Rhodes 2138

Libraries are no longer book temples with hushed halls. They are increasingly vibrant community hubs with maker-spaces, studios and creative centres.

This session is a must if you are involved in transforming your library service, planning a new library, or just want a glimpse of the libraries of the future. Join colleagues and experts from The State Library of New South Wales, The Edge (State Library of Queensland), local government from across NSW, indigenous engagement agencies, and the team from City of Canada Bay who have worked on The Learning Space at The Connection in Rhodes to discover innovative ways of bringing more digital technology into your community engagement strategy and encouraging creativity to flourish in library settings.

Leaders in library and community engagement in local government are invited to explore new models for engaging with and supporting our creative communities. Come in teams and bring projects to work on. Through a series of hands-on sessions, our experienced facilitators will guide you through the key considerations for community development and creative engagement, including:

  • understanding your audiences
  • spaces, resources and staff
  • building communities of practice
  • creating impact: programs, styles of engagement, partnerships and collaboration
  • communicating your vision to Council, stakeholders, and the community.

Teams will leave with action plans built around a solutions-focused approach with community at heart.

Places are strictly limited.

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