Contemporary Currencies: Does money still matter most?

Contemporary Currencies: Does money still matter most?
25 May 2015
11:00 - 13:00
Vivid Ideas Exchange, Museum of Contemporary Art, Australia, Level 6 Terrace Entrance (Circular Quay West Side), Sydney NSW 2000

In this workshop Marianne Doczi, a savvy futureNOW trendspotter, in association with the Australian Design Alliance, will challenge the view that money is the only or most valuable currency people budget for.

Increasingly, whatever our circumstances, our attention, time, energy and values are as precious to us as money: sometimes more so.

The value of attention has escalated for us, and for anyone who wants to get our attention. No one can any longer 'grab' our attention, or make us 'pay' attention. They have to get us to give it to them. and we're overloaded with people trying just that. Any wonder that attention is the #1 contemporary currency of our age!

And, because of digital-everything, we have a lot more options about how to get the exchange rate we want, or need, when we use not must attention, but also our time and energy. And money.

When we spend any currency, we have more options for getting a good return on our values.

All this is transforming the value propositions of personal, public and commercial places and spaces: and nature. And making the distinction between physical and digital places and spaces less and less meaningful: Blended is the New Black.

If you want a place or space to remain relevant to people, and therefore viable, this is something you need to make sense of, whatever your role or sector: Now.

A couple of hours stimulated by Marianne’s insights and examples, fun activities, and conversations with fellow explorers, is a great way for you to start to understand:

• The true value to people of their attention time energy & values
• How and why people set their exchange rates
• How to create blended physical and virtual places so people do get the exchange rate they want or need
• What you need to do differently to create contemporary currency value propositions that match people’s exchange rates
• ‘Where to next’ for deeper insights, and tools that make these insights produce value for you.

A great start to ensure your places and spaces, and your services, continue to remain relevant and viable in the face of these transformative trends.

*$4 Booking fee and 2.25% transaction fee applies.