Why should everyone learn how to code? “Because it teaches you how to think.” - Steve Jobs Yahoo7 and General Assembly invite you...

Code in the Park


aMBUSH Gallery
2008 NSW

Event Details

Why should everyone learn how to code? “Because it teaches you how to think.” - Steve Jobs
Yahoo7 and General Assembly invite you to the aMBUSH Project Space at Central Park to celebrate one of Australia’s largest learning events in history.
Presented as part of Vivid Ideas, Code in the Park is about inspiring everyone to learn the basics of coding, to acquire a new digital skill for the future of work, innovation and education - to transform thinkers into creators.
We’ll teach you how to start and you’ll discover all the creative and entrepreneurial things you can do with code at an afternoon full of inspirational panels, talks, interactive demos and a coding lesson for beginners from Australia’s leaders in tech, creativity and innovation. 
A series of inspired Code Clinics for budding entreprenurs looking to bring their creative vision or business ideas to life will also be run by BCG Digital Venture's team of entrepreneurial experts.
No matter what background or level of knowledge you have, from young and old, those just starting out in their careers to CEO's - this event this is for everyone, we support diversity in tech.

2:00 -  Opening

2:15 -  Keynote | Yahoo7

2:30 -  Talk: The Intersection of Tech x Innovation

2:50 -  Panel: Coding at the Cutting Edge of Australian Entrepreneurship

3:20 -  Lesson: Software Literacy is the New Literacy, Basics of Coding | General Assembly's Lead Web Development Instructor Joel Turnbull

4:00 -  Creative Things you can do with Code  | Creative Coding by Lukasz Karlyk and Rene Christen from Code on Canvas + Live Coding Music Performance by Andrew Sorensen

4:30 -  Code Clinics by BCG Digital Ventures * separate registration required for the sessions here | facebook, twitter and Uber were all built with code but the ideas for these digital products came first. Learn how to generate brilliant ideas for digital products and which ideas to start building first.

4:30 -  Interact with Code  | Installations & Activations (Editions at Play by Google, Innovation Toolbox by Intel, Snake the Planet! by Code on Canvas)

5:30 -  End

Don’t just buy a new video game, make one. Don’t just download the latest App, help design it. Don’t just play on your phone, code it. - President Barrack Obama


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