CNET's Next Big Thing: The Future of Consumer Technology

31 May
08:00 - 10:00
Level 6 Terrace Entrance (Circular Quay West Side), Sydney NSW 2000
Vivid Ideas Exchange, Museum of Contemporary Art, Australia
Level 6 Terrace Entrance (Circular Quay West Side), Sydney NSW 2000

The 80's sci-fi movie Back to the Future got some things right and some things wrong when it came to tech predictions. While flying cars and hoverboards may still be a 'somewhat' distant reality, we are actually on the cusp of some very exciting predictions making it to real life and not just on the big screen.

Join US Editor-at-large for CNET Brian Cooley as he presents key areas that consumer technology is set to revolutionise and disrupt right here, right now. What makes good technology? What lies ahead for brands in the future? These are just some of the questions Brian will be tackling on the day.

During his keynote, Cooley will look at artificial intelligence, 5G and computer vision and the impacts they'll have on mobile phones, OTT, automotive, wellness and health, the smart home, VR/AR and everything in between.

Cooley will then be joined by a panel of experts to explore everything from self-driving cars to talking houses. We've just put a car in space but is there space for everyone's car in the future? The next big trends in consumerisation of technology are only a tomorrow away and this is where you'll find out how they'll impact everyday life for us all.

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