Australia is one of the most urbanised nations on the planet, with over 80% of people living in cities. Urban resilience is a massive challenge.Today’s...

The City We Want: Co-creating Resilient Cities with Young Innovators


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The City We Want: Co-creating Resilient Cities with Young Innovators


Lucinda Hartley

Lucinda Hartley

Co-Founder, CoDesign Studio

Lucinda Hartley is a co-founder of CoDesign Studio, a design and placemaking consultancy committed to reinventing Australian neighbourhoods through local neighbourhood improvement projects.

She is a landscape architect, urbanist, placemaker and social entrepreneur who connects people with places. She has overseen the delivery of more than 40 neighbourhood renewal projects across Australia.

Lucinda is the co-author of the Tactical Urbanism Guide to Australia and New Zealand, and the Rapid Urban Revitalisation toolkit.

Internationally, Lucinda spent 5 years as a youth advisor to UN-Habitat and is currently working with the Global Place Leadership Council and the UN World Urban Campaign on Sustainable Development Goal 11, which focuses on cities. She’ll share her lessons about engaging millennials in place-making through the principles of “tactical urbanism” - a start-up approach to city-making.

Lucinda will be speaking at The City We Want: Co-creating Resilient Cities with Young Innovators, in partnership with the Foundation for Young Australians. 




Darren Sharp

Darren Sharp

Director, Social Surplus

Darren Sharp is a sharing economy strategist with a background in community engagement, research and consulting. 

As Director of Social Surplus he leads strategy and facilitates capacity-building using strength-based approaches including Asset Based Community Development, Appreciative Inquiry and Human-centred Design. He works with clients to design programs that amplify the strengths of people and communities through sharing. As the Australian editor of Shareable, Melbourne coordinator of the Sharing Cities Network and a global curator for Collaborative Consumption, Darren provides thought leadership in social innovation, the urban commons and Sharing Cities. Darren is part of an international team writing a book on Sharing Cities for urban innovators and is a PhD candidate with the CRC for Low Carbon Living where he is undertaking research on Sharing Cities for Sustainability Transitions.

Darren will be speaking at The City We Want: Co-creating Resilient Cities with Young Innovators, in partnership with the Foundation for Young Australians. 

Sam Johnson

Sam Johnson

Social Entrepreneur

Sam Johnson is the creator of WeMobilise Ltd, a social enterprise that advises non-profit, corporate groups and government agencies on mobilisation strategies that enable desired social outcomes.

He is most well known for founding the New Zealand Student Volunteer Army that mobilised 11,000 students to clean up Christchurch after the earthquakes and has worked in over 13 countries over the past five years. Most recently he co-created an initiative called “Serve For NZ” which mobilised 5,000 Kiwi’s to further the Anzac spirit by pledging an hour of their time to a volunteer project on Anzac Day.

Sam is a collaborator with Y-Lab from the Foundation for Young Australians and has received the prestigious Young New Zealander of the Year award, named New Zealand’s Communicator of the Year and is #17 on the Readers Digest Most Trusted New Zealanders list.


Gilbert Rochecouste

Gilbert Rochecouste

Founder and Managing Director, Village Well

Gilbert is recognised locally and internationally as a leading voice in creating Great Places for people. He is a sought after speaker and facilitator for community engagement activities. He has successfully worked with over 1000 cities, towns, mainstreets and communities over the past 25 years crafting a powerful integrated approach to creating vibrant, resilient and loved places. He is unique in how he blends commerce, culture, community and ecology using the 5 P’s of Placemaking. These loved places become magnetic destinations that are socially, culturally and commercially successful.

Gilbert is a skilled facilitator and agent provocateur of positive change and inspiration. His bold ideas and projects have helped make Melbourne the most liveable city and he is recognised as a leading global voice in Placemaking and City making.

Gilbert co-founded the EPOCH Foundation promoting the adoption of business ethics. He has been on the boards of Ross House, Donkey Wheel House Trust and Hub Australia.

Gilbert leads a multi-disciplinary team of Placemakers, researchers and designers. 

Al Jeffery

Al Jeffery

Catalyst & Facilitator at Realise Flow

Al Jeffery is known as a creative facilitator of personal and social transformation! 

Since the age of 12, he has grown multiple social enterprises and been listed twice in the Top 30 Entrepreneurs Under 30 in Australia on his mission to bring about a world that is “together in gift!” 

He has consulted with the likes of Apple, Australia Post, Telstra, Suncorp and many others on disruptive culture as well as spoken on stages around the world on the topics of personal wellbeing and peak performance, emergent culture and disruptive innovation. Currently he is the founder of Base, creating Australia’s first collaborative living, working and learning space in Melbourne. 

When not facilitating or creating, you’ll find Al reading, hiking, writing music, doing yoga or playing with new ways of being!

Event Details

Australia is one of the most urbanised nations on the planet, with over 80% of people living in cities. Urban resilience is a massive challenge.

Today’s under-35s (Gen Y and Z), are disproportionately disadvantaged by rapid urban growth – from housing affordability to poor transport connectivity, lack of or privatisation of public open space and social isolation. Young people are also among the demographics most likely to be left out of the decision making. We want to change this.

YLab (a new social enteprise of the Foundation for Young Australians) and City of Sydney would like to invite you to the first ever event that puts young people at the centre of city-making in Sydney.

This one-day experience is an opportunity for young innovators and industry leaders to challenge old ways of thinking about how cities are designed and shaped.

We will explore 3 big bold design challenges:

1. How might we tap into our community’s experiences with disaster to ensure we are better prepared for disruption?

2. How might we increase cohesion between cultural groups across Sydney to embrace our city’s diversity?

3. How might we involve young people in decision making to ensure city planning puts people first?

The day will involve going through design thinking process in teams with AMAZING facilitators / speakers including:

- Al Jeffery, Founder of Base

- Darren Sharp, Director of Social Surplus

- Gilbert Rochecouste, Founder and Managing Director of Village Well

- Lucinda Hartley, Co-Founder of CoDesign Studio

- Sam Johnson, Social Entrepreneur and Founder of the New Zealand Student Volunteer Army

This event will be the beginning of an ongoing conversation and series of projects to create a truly resilient Sydney.

Come listen, learn, meet others who have a shared purpose, eat (yes - lunch is totally provided!) and contribute your ideas. Places are limited so please book your spot ASAP.

This event is presented by Foundation for Young Australians in partnership with City of Sydney as part of 100 Resilient Cities.

Lunch is provided for all participants, which is included in the ticket price. 

This is a drug and alcohol free event. 

*Booking and transaction fees may apply

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