Six artists lead the ranks on the quest for social change with works highlighting cultural awareness, Indigenous rights, freedom of speech, social justice...

Carnival of the Bold 2016


2006 NSW

Carnival of the Bold 2016


MC Trey

MC Trey

Hip Hop Artist & Social Activist

MC Trey is a recording hip hop artist/vocalist with over 15 years experience. Having blessed the mic on stages around Australia, Fiji, New Zealand, Japan, the UK and USA, she is no stranger to lyrical dexterity and freestyle delivery.

Her music speaks of social issues, life experiences and more. Her works impact and change the game, whether it be through music, the local community or mainstream society.

Off stage she is a passionate advocate and social worker for issues which affect young people, women and diverse communities, winning awards and nominations for her music and her work.


Zunar (Malaysia)


Zunar is best known for his provocative cartoons that lampoon issues of high-level abuse of government power and corruption. Malaysian police and authorities have claimed that Zunar’s cartoons are “detrimental to public order” and run afoul of the country’s sedition law. Over the years, his cartoon books have been confiscated and bookstores banned from selling his work. In 2011 and 2015, Human Rights Watch honored Zunar with its Hellman/Hammett Award.

In 2011, he was also the recipient of the “Courage in Editorial Cartooning Award” by the Washington-based Cartoonist Rights Network International. Zunar is the first full-time cartoonist to receive CPJ’s International Press Freedom Award. To Zunar, cartooning is not a gift but a responsibility. Zunar is now facing 9 charges under the Sedition Act which carries a maximum penalty of 43 years jail term.

Abdul Abdullah

Abdul Abdullah

Visual Artist & Radio Host

Abdul Abdullah is a seventh generation Australian who has become increasingly political in his art practice to keep pace with the politicisation of his cultural identity.
In 2011 Abdullah was a recipient of Kickstart funding for the 2012 Next Wave Festival, was selected as a finalist in the Archibald prize and won the Blake Prize for Human Justice. He has been hung as an Archibald Prize finalist a further two times since, and in 2015 showed as part of the annual Primavera exhibition at the Museum of Contemporary Art in Sydney and APT8 at the Gallery of Modern Art, Brisbane.
Bindi Cole Chocka

Bindi Cole Chocka

Artist, Writer & Curator

Bindi Cole Chocka is an award winning, Australian contemporary artist who works primarily with photography, video and installation as her mediums.

Her works have been exhibited in the National Gallery of Australia, Gallery of Modern Art, Queensland, Art Gallery of Western Australia, and the Museum of Contemporary Art, Sydney. In 2010, Chocka was named one of Melbourne’s Top 100 Most Influential People by The Age.

Chocka's work often references her life story and experiences, such as her Wadawurrung heritage, the importance of Christianity in her life, and the impact of politics, the law and other power structures on her lived experience and that of her family and community.

Sukhjit Kaur Khalsa

Sukhjit Kaur Khalsa

Spoken Word Artist

Sukhjit Kaur Khalsa is a ‪#‎grownwoman‬, hairy, and a storyteller.

You'll find her on park benches dnm'ing with strangers about the evils of the patriarchy or impromptu rapping about Tony Abbott with her best mate. She is passionate about the performing arts and inherently merges her advocacy background with the arts. Sukhjit, from a young age, enjoyed writing pieces and performing them for her family.

In 2014, she performed spoken word to a wider audience at the Australian Poetry Slam Competition, which spiraled into a YouTube Channel titled Contemporary Kaur.

Sukhjit writes stories of the Sikh diaspora, family, cultural confusions, feminism and gender. Recently, Sukhjit took to the stage of Australia's Got Talent and wowed the audience with her honesty. For her, the journey has just begun.

George Gittoes

George Gittoes

Visual Artist & Filmmaker

Gittoes’ work has consistently expressed his social, political and humanitarian concern at the effects of injustice and conflict. He has travelled to and worked in many regions of conflict, including the Philippines, Somalia, Cambodia, Rwanda, Bosnia, Bougainville, and South Africa. In recent years his work has especially centred on the Middle East, with repeated visits to Israel and Palestine, Iraq, and Afghanistan.

In 2011, he established a new Yellow House, a multidisciplinary arts centre in Jalalabad, Afghanistan.

George has captured conflicts around the world for the past 45 years and has mentored kids in Afghanistan since 2007.

Among many prizes, Gittoes has twice been awarded the Blake Prize for Religious Art and in 2015, awarded the Sydney Peace Prize.

Event Details

Six artists lead the ranks on the quest for social change with works highlighting cultural awareness, Indigenous rights, freedom of speech, social justice, gender equality, diversity and racism. Carnival of the Bold showcases a mix of talks and performances that will captivate, challenge and inspire you, and also connect you with others who care about a better world. 

Carnival of the Bold 2016 Line Up includes:

  • MC Trey: Hip Hop Artist & Social Activist
  • Zunar: Malaysian Cartoonist
  • George Gittoes: Visual Artist & Filmmaker
  • Bindi Cole Chocka: Artist, Writer & Curator
  • Abdul Abdullah: Visual Artist & Radio Host
  • Sukhjit Kaur Khalsa: Spoken Word Artist
Artists bring interesting and unique perspectives to the mix, and engage audiences in new and different ways. They can strongly influence the way the world frames or feels about salient issues; a power not fully harnessed. 
Carnival of the Bold aims to be an enabling force for social change - calling on artists to take leadership and for everyone to participate and live with greater humanity. It celebrates artists who have used their art to enrich our cultural identity, explore shared values, spark imagination and empower communities. Through Carnival of the Bold, we aspire to find new ways, new ideas and new narratives that will shape our world and future.
Carnival of the Bold will be an Auslan Interpreted Event. You are advised to contact the Seymour Centre for Auslan or access seating locations. Carnival of the Bold is part of the Great Ideas Performance Series 2016 at Seymour Centre.

*Booking and transaction fees may apply

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