CAD Design Masterclass in Jewellery Making

CAD Design Masterclass in Jewellery Making
10 Jun 2017
10:00 - 16:00
The Learning Space, The Connection, 30 Shoreline Drive, Rhodes NSW 2138
The Connection

The art of jewellery making stretches back thousands of years to ancient civilisations. Technology has caught up with this artisan craft and computer-assisted 3D modelling has become an invaluable method in the creative process.

Are you ready to learn to design jewellery with the help of design software and 3D printing? In this masterclass, we will look at making wearable pieces and designing them in CAD. Using Autodesk and basic modelling techniques, participants will explore the creative potential of 3D modelling to customise geometric objects and turn them into unique jewellery.

Each 3D object can be printed and saved, ready for further 3D printing. Participants will be able to take their CAD files home and come back at a later date to collect the 3D printed objects designed during the workshop.

This hands-on workshop is suitable for adults and young people aged 15+. 

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