CAD for Beginners: A Hands-On Workshop for Adults (15+)

CAD for Beginners: A Hands-On Workshop for Adults (15+)
03 Jun 2017
10:00 - 12:30
The Learning Space, The Connection, 30 Shoreline Drive, Rhodes NSW 2138
The Connection

Want to learn how to design 3D objects for printing? In this hands-on workshop, participants will learn how to create and customise a game piece for a set of checkers. We will cover how things are designed in CAD, basic tools in Autodesk, creating a 3D object suitable for printing and saving an STL file ready to print.

Participants will take home their CAD files, which can be printed or further modified, and come back at a later date to pick up a print of the game piece they designed in the workshop. Visitors to The Learning Space at The Connection will also have the chance to play Checkers with the newly-designed and printed game pieces.

This hands-on workshop is suitable for adults and young people aged 15+. 

The Sydney suburb of Rhodes opens its arms to residents and visitors with Rhodes: Creative. Discover a vibrant community bringing creativity and technology to the fore.  Join us at The Connection for a program of masterclasses, workshops, activities and talks that focus on 3D printing,  robots and wearable art and tech. 

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