In today’s fast changing world we need to stay agile, be flexible and come up with brilliant ideas to stay ahead of the game! We need to be adaptive...

Become an Idea Machine - Everything Worthwhile Starts With a Great Idea


Level 6 Terrace Entrance
2000 NSW

Vivid Ideas Exchange, Museum of Contemporary Art, Australia
Become an Idea Machine

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In today’s fast changing world we need to stay agile, be flexible and come up with brilliant ideas to stay ahead of the game! We need to be adaptive in our thinking both in business and personal life. 
But where do ideas come from? How can you become an ideas machine? How do you know which ones to pursue and which ones to leave behind? And how can you persuade others to support your ideas and help you make them a reality? 
In this session you will discover how to become an unstoppable idea generator. Whether you want more ideas for your business or in your career, this session will not only give you an ideation framework, you will also get to apply it immediately during the session. 
And who knows, you might even walk out with your next big business or product idea!
Generating ideas is a skill that can be learned, it’s all about exercising and improving your idea muscle and that’s exactly what you are going to do in this session.
The Creative Ideation framework includes three steps:
  1. The idea generation model 
  2. Evaluating your ideas to know which ones to action 
  3. Presenting your ideas to the right people to get buy-in
This session is run by Franziska Iseli and Christo Hall, best-selling authors, award-winning entrepreneurs and the founders of
They are known for their out of the box thinking, delivering value beyond expectation and captivating their audience, leaving them inspired and motivated to take action.
The media loves them and they are regularly featured across different publications including BRW, Forbes, Virgin Inflight, The Sydney Morning Herald, The Huffington Post, The Age, Channel 9, 2UE.
The two make a great duo and their uniqueness, honesty and authenticity is like a breath of fresh air in the business world. Known for pushing the boundaries and not playing by the rules of convention, they have a sharp-witted humour that can bring anyone to tears (of laughter).

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