The Museum of Applied Arts and Sciences (MAAS) will be hosting the ArtScience Soiree at the Powerhouse Museum—a free networking event for practicing...

ArtScience Soiree: Collaboration Across Disciplines


Powerhouse Museum
2007 NSW

ArtScience Soiree: Collaboration across Disciplines


Dr. Luke Hespanhol [Australia]

Dr. Luke Hespanhol

Lecturer, Computational Design at UNSW Australia

Dr. Luke Hespanhol is a media artist, researcher, lecturer, interaction designer and software developer based in Sydney, Australia.

His practice investigates the potential of media art to create engaging experiences that lead to reflection on the relationship between individuals and the immediate environment around them. He has explored these possibilities of public expression through the development of interactive media installations for academic research, galleries and public art festivals, including multiple editions of Vivid Sydney.

Luke holds a PhD from the Design Lab, University of Sydney, researching interactive media architecture and the user-centred design of hybrid urban environments.

He is a former guest researcher at the Department of Aesthetics and Communication at Aarhus University, Denmark, and resident at the Ars Electronica Futurelab in Linz, Austria. Luke is a lecturer in Computational Design at UNSW Australia and Co-Chair for both Workshops and the Student Competition at the Media Architecture Biennale 2016.

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ArtScience Soiree: Collaboration Across Disciplines

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Lisa Harvey-Smith


Dr. Lisa Harvey-Smith is an award-winning astronomer at the CSIRO and the Project Scientist for the Australian Square Kilometre Array Pathfinder (ASKAP) radio telescope. Her research tackles diverse topics from the birth and death of stars to weighing black holes in the centres of galaxies.  

Lisa leads a team of scientists at the Australia Telescope National Facility and enjoys sharing her passion for science with audiences across Australia. Last  year she introduced science superstars Buzz Aldrin and Neil DeGrasse Tyson at sold-out shows at venues in Sydney and Melbourne. In her spare time, she runs ultra-marathons, including multi-day races. 


William Gladstone

Marine Biologist

Professor William Gladstone is a marine biologist and is Head of the School of Life Sciences at University of Technology Sydney (UTS). Bill's research focuses on the behavioural ecology of marine fishes (especially their mating systems and spawning aggregations) and the conservation of marine biodiversity through marine reserves. He uses underwater photos and videos to communicate his science and is inspired by the beauty of the oceans and marine organisms to depict them in more artistic ways. 

Bill is fascinated by the overlap of art and science and the creative processes of both endeavours. He regularly collaborates with artists to produce works that are both artistic and scientific and to deepen his own understanding of the world. 


Lisa Roberts


Lisa Roberts is a visual artist and interactive author, also known as a data choreographer. She dances, draws and animates primal forms that express microscopic, astronomic, and human forces of change and transformation. Lisa leads the Living Data program with scientists and other artists to expand understanding of these relationships, and our role in changing Earth's climate.

She is a Visiting Fellow at the University of Technology Sydney (Science) and Visiting Scientist (aka Artist) at the Australian Antarctic Division (Krill Biology). 



Michael Kasumovic

Evolutionary Biologist

Michael Kasumovic is an evolutionary biologist interested in understanding how animals navigate an uncertain world. Much of his research manipulates the social environment to understand how interacting with others helps animals make decisions about how to grow and act, and with whom to mate.

He recently started using video games to explore similar questions in humans. Michael's research suggests that humans are not that different from the rest of the animals in the world as it seems, that everything really does revolve around sex. 

Astrid Zeman

Astrid Zeman

Musician & Scientist

Dr Astrid Zeman is both a musician and a computational neuroscientist, programming artificial neural networks by day and performing live vocal looping by night. Last year she completed her PhD thesis on Computational Modelling of Visual Illusions, became a National finalist for the Famelab science communication competition, recorded and released her debut EP and was selected for Listen Record’s debut compilation album of underground Aussie female and transgender artists.

She’s competed in international robotics competitions, worked at the CSIRO in artificial intelligence and this year she launched and co-directed the EAROPUND Women’s Music Festival to promote female and transgender musicians. 

Event Details

The Museum of Applied Arts and Sciences (MAAS) will be hosting the ArtScience Soiree at the Powerhouse Museum—a free networking event for practicing artists and scientists interested in cross-disciplinary collaboration.
Join us in celebrating the passion, methodology and creativity shared by these two disciplines and help generate new relationships between them.
The event will feature:
  • Science-inspired art installations and perfromances by artists Tully Arnot, Joe Duggan, Elizabeth Eastland, Emily Parsons-Lord and select videos from Aphids' project Forever Now 
  • Creative presentations by scientists William Gladstone (Marine Biology/UTS), Lisa-Harvey-Smith (Astronomy/CSIRO), Michael Kasumovic (Biology/UNSW), Astrid Zeman (Cognitive Science/Macquarie University) and artists Luke Hespanhol (Digital Media/UNSW), Lisa Roberts (Multimedia/Living Data) and Erica Seccombe (Multimedia/ANU)
  • Speed-meet sessions where you can connect, create and collaborate with researchers and artists from various fields
  • Conversations about what resources are available to help you realise your ArtScience collaborations
  • Music by Mirã Bõru

Space is limited so be sure to register early. Nibbles provided and cash bar available.

Adults 18+ only.

This event is presented by the Museum of Applied Arts and Sciences (MAAS)


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