The Artificial Intelligence Debate: Does Creativity Require Humanity?

The Artificial Intelligence Debate
15 Jun 2017
19:00 - 21:30
Pier One Sydney Harbour, 11 Hickson Road, Walsh Bay

Whether we like it or not, artificial intelligence is increasing its presence in marketing. From the rise in programmatic media to McCann Japan’s artificial creative director, we have seen leaps and bounds in technology over the past decade. There is talk of marketers and creatives now needing to think about “future proofing” their skills so they do not become replaced by software.

So what is the role of humans in the future of creative industries? With a high enough level of personalisation engendered by automated software, do marketers still need to rely on creative concepts to attract attention? 

We’ve invited a panel of industry and academic experts to debate the future of their industries. This event will try and address the big questions: what is the limit of AI? And what will the landscape look like in the next ten years? Or twenty? Without a sense of empathy and conscience, can we really trust a machine?

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