'Are You Asking the Right Questions?' is the zen of product development. Applying lean startup principals to identify a problem, this session will...

Are You Asking The Right Questions? Strategies For Product Development


Tank Stream Labs
2000 NSW

Are You Asking The Right Questions artwork by Magda Cortez


Magda Cortez - Senior Product Manager

Magda Cortez

Senior Product Manager

Magda Cortez is a curious and creative product manager and design thinker who has spent the last 12 years crafting cross-platform digital experiences.
She is the Senior Product Manager at Ebay currently working on Gumtree and teaches Product Management at General Assembly. She is also a mentor to emerging start-ups and speaks at various digital product and mobile events. Previously, Magda worked at News Corp and Ninemsn where she applied design thinking and lean/agile principals to product development.
Magda is passionate about tech trends and the fusion of old and new media. Her experience spans in product management, marketing, content creation and design. She brings a depth of experience, a customer-centric focus and a passion for innovation and monetisation of products. 
Richard McLaren - Digital Vice President at McKinsey

Richard McLaren

Digital Vice President at McKinsey

Philosopher and Tech Strategist. In this presentation Richard will demystify ‘The Art Of Asking The Right Questions’ by explaining question structure, its history and role in society and strategies for asking questions to get better answers.

With a background in Philosophy and Mathematics and decades of direct experience leading technology and data driven businesses, Richard has run technology, product and data functions for a number of leading companies in Australia and abroad, including Australia's largest online publisher, blue chip banks and Europe's biggest online price comparison company.

He's passionate about making value through these new capabilities, whether in entirely new businesses or by transforming existing ones.

Matthew Costello - Managing Director APAC, Greensill Capital

Matthew Costello

Managing Director APAC, Greensill Capital

Matt Costello is Managing Director - Asia/Pacific for Greensill Capital, a specialist working capital financial institution.

With over a decade of experience in mergers and acquisitions, corporate advisory and now traditional corporate finance, Matt has assisted many start-ups over the years to raise capital and ultimately sell including his own early mobile marketing start-up, 5th Finger.

Founder of Car Next Door, Merryn Clancy

Merryn Clancy

Head of Marketing, Car Next Door

Merryn is a founding team member and Head of Marketing at Car Next Door, a Neighbour-to-Neighbour car-sharing platform that lets people rent cars. She's led Car Next Door's growth from concept stage to a service relied upon hundreds of cars being shared by over 13,000 borrowers in Sydney and Melbourne. 
Merryn will share Car Next Door's product development journey providing insights into the experiments she ran to interviewing and build a product customers want to use. She obsesses about making human networks work and believes collaborative consumption and the share economy will change the world.
Merryn’s background is in B2C marketing and building communities in both retail and digital settings. Merryn loves working for a business with a solid foundation in sustainability as well as the challenges and rewards that come with helping to shape new products and grow a community.


ClassMarker.com founder Trent Williams

Trent Williams

Founder and entrepreneur, Trent likes to use experiments and lean methodology to solve problems. He is the founder of ClassMarker.com in 2006, an online testing platform used by teachers and businesses. 
Coming from a programming background, Trent is passionate about businesses that make big improvements to our lives. 


Stevan Premutico, Dimmi

Stevan Premutico

Founder and CEO of Dimmi

Dimmi Founder Stevan Premutico has built Australia’s #1 real-time restaurant booking and review website, borne out of his own firsthand frustrations at the inefficiencies of restaurant reservation systems.

An astute hospitality marketer with experience across the United States, UK and Australia, Stevan has travelled the world with Hilton Hotels - launching the Hilton Sydney in 2005 before going on to serve as Director of Marketing for Hilton International in London.

While at the Hilton in London, Stevan saw a big opportunity within the online restaurant booking space. He started conceptualising this idea on the eve of the GFC but he knew he was onto something big. After talking through his big idea with a friend, Stevan walked into his boss’s office the very next day, handed in his resignation and spent the next 12 months living in an attic dreaming up the business.

Upon returning to Australia, Stevan started raising capital and began to fine tune the concept that would eventually become Dimmi, recognising the growth and success of similar online booking systems for hotel reservations and flight bookings globally. He saw the opportunity for restaurants to drive bums on seats and recognised that online bookings could make life easier – no more waiting on hold, unanswered calls or e-mails to get a restaurant booking confirmed. 

The goal at Dimmi is simple – make it easier for Aussies to eat out and inspire more memorable dining moments at the same time. Whether it’s a first date, a business deal, a family catch up or a 90th birthday, the moment is the real reason why we eat out. Dimmi facilitates these moments by connecting diners with the ‘right’ restaurants.

Acquired by TripAdvisor in May 2015, Dimmi partners with more than 3,000 of the country's hottest restaurants nationwide, and over 35 online booking partners including Qantas, Zomato (previously Urbanspoon), Google, TripAdvisor and Yelp to provide instant confirmed bookings and qualified dining reviews. Dimmi has seated more than fifteen million Australian diners at restaurants ranging from hatted fine dining establishments to more casual suburban eateries and has collated over 950,000 verified diner reviews since its inception in 2009.

Event Details

'Are You Asking the Right Questions?' is the zen of product development.

Applying lean startup principals to identify a problem, this session will help you craft questions beyond the obvious and allow you to validate your assumptions before you invest in building a product.

There will be a healthy dose of skepticism, practical advice and proven approaches to turn ideas into products.

Hear from a series of speakers who'll share their product development experiences, and participate in a workshop constructing questions for your own product ambitions. It'll have you asking “Why?” to “What if?”, and asking “What if?” to “What’s next?”.

This event is ideal for entrepreneurs, startups and product managers who are creating and evolving digital products.

Funds from the cover charge is to avoid 'no shows' - the money will be donated to Lifeline 

This event is presented by Magda Cortez.


*Booking and transaction fees may apply

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