The ABC Guide to How To Build a Hit Podcast

The ABC Guide to How To Build a Hit Podcast
03 Jun
12:00 - 14:00
140 George St, The Rocks 200
Vivid Ideas Exchange, Museum of Contemporary Art, Australia
140 George St, The Rocks 200

Have you always wanted to make a podcast? Do you have a concept that’s burning a hole in the back of your brain? Is there a formula that can guarantee a top-of-the-charts hit?

The innovative content, product development and marketing teams at the ABC have put together a framework for every podcaster, digital product designer and content creator. Whether in the form of articles, audio features, movies and broadcasts, ‘content’ has been around for a lot longer than apps, yet shifting audience behaviour has had a dramatic impact on the nature of content creation and delivery in the past decade. The ‘content’ that the ABC is increasingly close to is podcasts.

Based on a recent Linkedin article Stealing Design Techniques for Content published by ABC’s Head of the Content Ideas Lab Angela Stengel, this session applies human-centred design to the creation, development and distribution of podcast content. The ABC is successfully borrowing techniques from design and development teams and applying them to content projects. Finding the unique value proposition, the market gap, the audience persona and co-locating content and digital teams is just the beginning. This is where you’ll discover the all the ABC’s secrets to podcast success.

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