Audio Descriptions

Audio Descriptions

Below you are able to find listed audio descriptions for light installations on the Vivid Light Walk. The audio descriptions will be numbered as per the Vivid Light Walk map, and have been broken into five sections; The Rocks, Circular Quay, The Royal Botanic Garden Sydney, Darling Harbour and Tumbalong Park.

The Rocks


1. Regal Peacock


2. Bubble Magician


3. Bug|Hunt


4. Watch Your Chips


5. Flip Flop


6. Nostalgia Above


7. Torrent


P1. Pixar: 30 Years of Art and Animation


S1. Samsung Electric Playground


S2. Samsung Galaxy Studio


Circular Quay


8. Goo!


9. Infinity Room


10. Timber Aurora


11. Ballerina


12. Rayuela


13. Beat Loon


14. Let It Snow


15. EORA Broken Spear


16. Celestial Pancake


17. Let Me Down


18. The Harp Of The City


19. Marine Turtle


20. Under The Harbour


21. Habit/At


22. Bin Chickens


23. Triangulum


25. What is a City but the People


26. City Sparkle Control Booth


27. Specularity


Royal Botanic Gardens


29. Empyrean


30. KA3323


31. We Are One


32. Symphony


33. Beetopia


34. Jungle Boogie


35. Harmony


36. River Of Light


37. Light Teleportal


38. Circa


39. Firefly Field


40. Torus


41. Dancing Grass


42. I Hear You (But Do You Here Me?)


43. Consumable


Darling Harbour


AM1. On Sharks


B. Robot SPACELand


DQ1. Florescentia


KS1. Tetra


46. Dream States


Tumbalong Park


Alien Visitor


See What I See




To the Moon and Back


Under the Milky Way