Third Party Sponsorship Guidelines

A Vivid Light Contributor is an organisation or entity that provides assistance (cash and/or value-in-kind) to the applicant in support of their Expression of Interest and realisation of their event (if successful).

The applicant is responsible for engaging and managing contributors directly to support their application/activation. Applicants must provide details of potential contributors for review and approval by Destination NSW prior to entering into a formal agreement with the contributor. Destination NSW will request the relevant information required to facilitate this approvals process on or before Friday 24 January 2020.

Destination NSW has provided guidelines on the Contributor Restrictions (outlined below) and these must be taken into consideration before submitting your Expression of Interest or seeking support from potential Light Contributors.

Vivid Sydney reserves the right to review all proposed Vivid Light Contributors and approve them, or otherwise at its sole discretion.

Contributor Restrictions

The Vivid Light Contributor category does not permit the Vivid Light Contributor to:

  • Be awarded naming rights of either the Vivid Sydney event or your Vivid Light activation
  • Undertake general marketing and promotion of their involvement as part of the whole of Vivid Sydney 2020, except directly in relation to the approved event and subject to the prior review and written approval of Destination NSW
  • Undertake any unapproved messaging, including social media or PR activities, or issue any media releases relating to Vivid Sydney 2020, except in direct reference to the approved event and subject to the prior review and written approval of Destination NSW
  • Distribute or sell any kind of products, samples, marketing material or other merchandise without prior pre-approval from Destination NSW

If the proposed contributor is associated directly with the following quarantined categories, further conditions and review may apply:

  • Credit Cards
  • Banking
  • Automotive
  • Telecommunications
  • Online travel booking services, airlines or accommodation
  • Photography and photography equipment (both professional and amateur)
  • Destination marketing organisations, including State and Regional Tourism organisations and third-party tourism websites
  • Cause related marketing organisations.

If the proposed contributor is associated (either directly or closely linked) with the following restricted categories, sponsorship will not be approved by Destination NSW:

  • Adult/sexual products and services
  • Gaming and gambling activities
  • Tobacco
  • Cleaning, hygiene and personal care products
  • Alcohol products
  • Weapons and violence-related products
  • Immigration
  • Political activities


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