StartSomeGood, the Crowdfunding Platform for Social Good presents a Crowdfunding Workshops with CEO Tom Dawkins.This is a practical, fast-moving and informative...

Social Good Crowdfunding Workshops


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Social Good Crowdfunding Workshops


Tom Dawkins

Tom Dawkins


For over 15 years Tom Dawkins has been exploring how technology and culture can be harnessed as tools to create a more democratic and participatory society.

Tom is the co-founder and CEO of crowdfunding platform, a crowdfunding platform which has raised more than $7 million for social impact projects in 35 countries.

Tom previously founded Australian nonprofit Vibewire Youth Inc. in 2000 while he was at university, remaining CEO until 2008 and leading numerous successful projects including opening sQuareOne, Australia’s first co-working space, in 2006, and sending youth reporters on the campaign trail during the 2004 and 2007 Federal elections.

From 2008-2012 Tom lived in the US where he was the first Social Media Director at Ashoka in Washington DC and then Social Media Director for HopeLab in Silicon Valley.

Upon returning to Australia Tom was the founding Director of the Australian Changemakers Festival. In 2015 he was awarded the Innovator of the Year Award by the Nexus Summit.

Tom has spoken at numerous international conferences including SXSW, the World Summit on the Information Society, Connecting Up, SOCAP and FWD. As part of Vivid 2016 he is leading introductory crowdfunding workshops on June 9 and 10 and a very special masterclass for just six projects on June 14.

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Social Good Crowdfunding Workshops

Social Good Crowdfunding Masterclass with Tom Dawkins

Event Details

StartSomeGood, the Crowdfunding Platform for Social Good presents a Crowdfunding Workshops with CEO Tom Dawkins.

This is a practical, fast-moving and informative workshop for anyone who wants to be awesome at crowdfunding and raise the funds you need to change the world.

Crowdfunding is a fantastic way to launch and grow a social enterprise, a non-profit, raise funds for a causes and creative projects, or fuel a grassroots movement for your community.

But the considerable majority of all crowdfunding campaigns fall short, often because of a handful of common mistakes. StartSomeGood has one of the best success rates in the industry, with 53% of projects reaching their goal (compared to 31% on Kickstarter and 13% on IndieGoGo, a typical range for crowdfunding platforms).

These workshops are all about making sure you and your project have the best chance of success by sharing the insights we have gained working with over 1,000 projects at StartSomeGood. It will cover the common misteps, what those who are raising funds are doing right and how to think through the goals and outreach strategy for your particular project.

Bonus! Attend this workshop and get a free code for StartSomeGood's online masterclass at Udemy, which features over 3 hours of video content, additional resources and templates (usually $30). That's the cost of the workshop back!

In addition to these two workshops we are offering a half-day Masterclass on the 14th of June for a very limited number of organisations or entrepreneurs who want to go deeper, really preparing their crowdfunding campaign and getting Tom's personal consulting on your strategy, story, rewards, etc. Find out more about the Masterclass here. To ensure a high degree of personal attention, there are only six places (for up to two people each) available at the Masterclass.

This event is presented by social impact crowdfunding platform StartSomeGood

*Booking and transaction fees may apply.

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