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Audio Description: In a harbourside park, four enormous white luminous rabbits lie and sit in various poses. A fifth lounges on the roof of a nearby building.

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23 May, 6:00 PM - 09 May, All Day




Rocks / Circular Quay


Amanda Parer

Some very large inflatable white rabbits, illuminated in stark white light, have invaded Sydney’s harbourside – however, it’s not exactly a scene from Godzilla. The bunnies of Intrude stand tall yet relaxed at 7m high and appear to be quite at home in their new patch.

Why rabbits?

These animals first travelled to Australia on the ships of the First Fleet and were brought ashore in cages in January 1788 at Sydney Cove – the very site of this installation.

These adaptable creatures quickly made themselves at home and eventually spread to almost every corner of the land. More than 200 years later rabbits are an out of control pest, leaving a trail of ecological destruction wherever they go and defying attempts at eradication. That said, they are kind of cute!

They represent the fairytale animals of our childhood – a furry innocence, frolicking through idyllic fields. Intrude deliberately evokes this cutesy image, and a strong visual humour, to lure you into the artwork only to reveal the more serious environmental messages in the work. They are huge, they are the elephant in the room, the problem too easy to ignore, like our effect on the environment.

Intrude references Australia’s cultural love affair with novelty 'Big Things' sculpture – Ballina’s Big Prawn, Goulbourn’s Big Merino and Coffs Harbour’s Big Banana, to name a few. And now, with Intrude, Vivid Sydney presents the Big Rabbits of Sydney.

Originally from Sydney and currently living in Tasmania, Amanda Parer is an artist who creates ethereal works in a variety of forms, including installations, sculptures and paintings. Her work aims to explore the natural world and its fragility. She has been selected for the Blake Prize in 2009, 2011, 2012 and 2013, as well as for the Glover Prize in 2008, 2012 and 2013. She has just exhibited in Hong Kong and is represented by commercial galleries in Hobart, Melbourne and Sydney.



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