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Dichroic Dimensions

Audio Description: On the building’s flat white façade, psychedelic patterns of colour and light interact with the soundscape.

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23 May, 6:00 PM - 09 June, All Day




Museum of Contemporary Art Australia (Mordant Wing)


The Digital Shamans / Michael Keen Chin / Pete Longworth / Ross Manning

Use your voice; make a noise. Watch what happens – you are transported on a journey into strange spiritual, visual and sonic realms, all splashed in kaleidoscopic glory onto the new, Mordant façade of the Museum of Contemporary Art. Vivid Sydney invites you to open yourself to the intensely colourful world of Dichroic Dimensions.

This interactive, immersive installation gives you the power, using only your voice, to unleash multi-layered shards of light across the blank canvas of the MCA wall in front of you. Speak, and you create a swathe of complex visual patterns that function as mandalas – ritual, spiritual symbols that depict the universe.

Dichroic Dimensions is designed to allow you to experience a multifaceted digital journey – a meditative awakening of your senses and your soul. It sparks up your neural pathways, your spirit and your every molecule, calling on them all to respond to the elaborate patterns of light that dance before your eyes, and the intricate sonic worlds that vibrate around you.

Drawing on concepts of cymatics – the study of visible sound and vibration – Dichroic Dimensions unveils a series of colliding worlds of light, revealed only when certain sound frequencies are triggered. Combining the hi-tech with the über-organic, the surround-soundscape features synthesisers and singing bowls with the bit-crushed beats of taiko drums. All of these accompany your voice, giving you the chance to play with new, mind-bending ways to experience light and sound.

Dichroic Dimensions is a collaboration between The Digital Shamans and MCA artist Ross Manning.

Ross Manning’s expansive practice incorporates a range of media including sound, performance, installation, sculpture, kinetics, optics and light-based art. His work features throughout numerous galleries including the Museum of Contemporary Art, NSW and the Museum of Old and New Art in Tasmania.

The Digital Shamans are Pete Longworth and Michael K. Chin – award-winning media arts producers who create immersive experiences through the hi-tech and über-organic.  

Video projection provided by TDC – Technical Direction Company