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Cars That feel

Audio Description: Colourful images, including of close-ups of eyes and mouths, are projected on the windscreens and windows of cars, enabling the cars to interact with passers-by.

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23 May, 6:00 PM - 09 June, All Day




Rocks / Circular Quay


Soap Creative 

Across the ages, we have attributed human motivations, characteristics and behaviour to inanimate objects, animals and natural phenomena. From George Orwell’s Animal Farm to the Bible’s talking serpent; from Greek deities appearing to us in human form to the characters in the Jungle Book, we have sought and created reflections of our own experiences in non-human beings and objects.

In a 21st century take on this very human tendency, Cars That Feel explores anthropomorphism, and the relationship we can have with inanimate objects. This piece was born of the idea that people strive to look for human qualities in things, and will behave differently if that thing is perceived to be “alive”. What if cars had feelings? What would you say to one? How would you react?

Through colour, light, sound and imagery, ordinary cars suddenly transform into sentient beings, each with their own personality. During the day the cars sleep. As the sun sets, the cars wake up, one by one. The cars have their own unique personalities and act independently. But at times they come together, seemingly randomly and organically, to form a larger unified piece with the imagery and sounds syncing.

Soap Creative is an independent digital advertising agency with offices in Sydney, Los Angeles and Dallas. At their inception in 2002, the team began by making games, which are still a big part of their DNA.

Today, they are a team of thinkers, tinkerers, technologists, designers, developers, strategists & producers, who create interactive experiences for every type of screen.