Vivid Ideas Talk Series Highlights

Vivid Ideas Talk Series Highlights

Vivid Ideas Talk Series Highlights

James Cameron in Conversation with Adam Spencer

Hear James Cameron, block buster director (Avatar, Titanic) and renowned deep sea explorer talk with Australia’s own polymath Adam Spencer in a meeting of minds. This lively and broad ranging conversation touches on science, film, exploration and curiosity.

Dare Jennings in Conversation with James Valentine

Founder of Mambo, Phantom Records and Deus Ex Machina, Dare Jennings is a global success story. Hear insights into Dare’s career trajectory and how he continues to build a career out of his passions – surfing, bikes and music.

The Inaugural Mark Colvin Conversation

Are schools encouraging or stifling creativity? Join a cast of inspiring thinkers and creatives as they discuss ways the education system could be improved in this thought provoking conversation. Hear from Ben Law – author of Moral Panic 101: Equality, Indifference and the Safe School Scandal, Lucy Clark – author of Beautiful Failures and senior editor at the Guardian Australia, Professor Robyn Ewing from the University of Sydney, Songstress Megan Washington and host Julia Zemiro. This inaugural event was held to honour the spirit of the late great broadcaster Mark Colvin – a lover of music, politics and debate.

Future Tech and Society with Jane McGonigal and Kriti Sharma

Jane McGonigal, PhD is renowned for her work as a futurist, a pioneering game designer, TED Speaker and author of the bestselling books Reality is Broken and Superbetter. Asa Director at the Institute of the Future, Jane encourages people to think about the future now and she will take you on a crash course in future thinking. She is joined by Kriti Sharma, a leading global voice on Artificial Intelligence named by Forbes and Recorde 100 as a key influencers in technology. Kriti will make you question who is developing AI and what are the ramifications for society. Marc Fennell as host joins them in a black mirror-esq discussion on where technology is heading and how we can make decisions now to make sure we have the technology that society wants.

Dan Goods in Conversation with Bernie Hobbs

As the visual strategist at NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory and co-founder of the Museum of Awe, Dan Good fuses art and science into fascinating projects. Hear Dan and host Bernie Hobbs talk about wonder, how to take complex problems and present in a simple visual way and why there is a need for creativity in science.