Expressions of Interest for Vivid SYDNEY 2019 have now closed, with no further applications able to be accepted.

Proposals received through the Expression of Interest process will be evaluated in line with the procedures and timelines outlined in the Vivid Ideas Expression of Interest Toolkit.

For any enquiries regarding submitted applications, please visit the Vivid Sydney Contact Us page to lodge a support request with the Vivid Sydney Team, and be sure to include your Expression of Interest ID number in your enquiry.

If you have missed the Expression of Interest process, you are welcome to submit an Unsolicited Proposal for consideration by the Vivid Sydney Creative Team. Unsolicited Proposals must be lodged using the Unsolicited Proposal Application Form.

Whilst there is no closing date for the receipt of Unsolicited Proposals, planning timelines favour submissions that are lodged sooner rather than later.

There is no set evaluation timeline for Unsolicited Proposals. If your proposal is of interest a member of the Vivid Sydney Team will reach out to seek further information and discuss next steps.