As Australia’s largest event of its kind, Vivid Sydney is actively working towards the delivery of a more sustainable event. As a festival that champion’s creativity, innovation and cutting-edge applications of technology, our vision is to become industry leaders in the delivery of sustainable events of an international scale.

In 2018, Vivid Sydney recorded more than 2.25 million people attending the festival and contributing over $172 million to the state’s economy. In delivering such a successful international event, Destination NSW has committed to minimising its environmental impact by actively working towards the delivery of an efficient and sustainable event. In working towards this goal, Destination NSW continues to Partner with The Banksia Foundation, and in 2018, engaged Informed 365 to benchmark and track Vivid Sydney’s Sustainability Performance.

Destination NSW, as the Owner, Manager and Producer of Vivid Sydney, is committed to delivering a world class, sustainable, and efficient event. By working closely with all stakeholders, the Vivid Sydney Team are responsible for developing and communicating the annual sustainability program strategy, driving stakeholder engagement and defining the scope of Vivid Sydney’s sustainability reporting objectives. The Vivid Sydney Team also works closely with all event stakeholders to foster improved performance, and embed sustainable practice throughout the event supply chain.

The Banksia Foundation, as Vivid Sydney’s sustainability, partner provide experience, knowledge and a sustainability network base. The Banksia Foundation is recognised nationally as a leading sustainability NGO and understands the international, national and local evolving sustainability agenda. Its role is to embed the leading sustainability actions to align with Vivid Sydney’s reputation for creativity and innovation.

Informed 365 is engaged to develop an efficient, easy to use, digital platform designed to assist Destination NSW in realising their vision of becoming a leader in the delivery of sustainable events of an international scale. At the core of this drive is a web-based, interactive IT platform that efficiently tracks, measures and converts the identified metrics to produce key Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) data. This output enables Destination NSW to work towards a deeper understanding of the impact of the festival across both environmental and social sustainability pillars.

TransGrid is proud to be the official energy partner of Vivid Sydney in 2019. TransGrid, provide safe, reliable, sustainable and affordable transmission services to households and businesses in NSW and the ACT, sitting at the heart of the National Electricity Market. They take a leading role in encouraging the connection of renewable generation and assisting in the power system’s transition to a low carbon future. TransGrid will provide a detailed breakdown of the event’s energy use, enabling Vivid Sydney to develop ongoing strategies to reduce costs and effectively manage its carbon footprint. 

A core objective of the Vivid Sydney Sustainability Program is to identify key areas in which potential negative impacts can be continually minimised, whilst also maximising existing positive outcomes of the event for both internal and external stakeholders. Through the ongoing close collaboration between Destination NSW, The Banksia Foundation and Informed 365, and the resultant online platform and sustainability baseline, in 2018 Destination NSW was also able to:

  • Offset 83,616.96kWh through the purchase of Large Generation Certificates (Green Power) from certified NSW generators.
  • Offset 267.5 tonnes CO2e through the purchase of accredited carbon offset credits in Regional NSW projects.