Zoe Mahony

Zoe Mahony

Interactive fashion designer

Zoe Mahony's current research explores collaboration, aesthetics, identity, technology and ecology through the multidisciplinary field of computational and responsive clothing. She has extensive Australian and European experience in RTW markets with roles in design, production, ethical supply chains, and marketing. She is a seasoned educator, teaching design thinking, communication, and new technologies. Recipient of the Churchill Fellowship, Mahony has written on design studio practice in England, Belgium, and France. In addition she engages in curating, exhibiting, and freelance design projects.

"For Vivid Ideas, we have gone back to our roots – the underground mycelium network that fungi use to share “data” between unrelated species – and wondered how fungi might use our methods to connect with an alien “network” – humans..."

The Mycelium Project  seeks to communicate environmental data in a non-linguistic way, through light and colour. Using sensors and embedded digital technology, Zoe's garments collect a type of data, both human and environmental which is then visualised in an array of LED lights and through an augmented reality headset. She is joined on this project by Professor Sylvain Giroux from the Department of Computer Science at the University of Sherbrooke, Canada and Melbourne-based new media artist and programmer Warren Armstrong.


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Workshop Fashtech

 ARTeConnect presents Workshop Fashtech where you discover first hand how to build circuits and combine micro-controllers, light, code and fashion...

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SARTorial: Fashion, art and technology
Location: Vivid Ideas Exchange, Museum of Contemporary Art, Australia Price:

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