Yue Wan

Senior Research Scientist at A*Star Genome Institute of Singapore

Yue Wan is a senior research scientist at A*Star Genome Institute of Singapore. Her research aims to identify functional RNA elements in transcriptomes through genome-wide detection of RNA structures. RNA play an important role in regulating cellular gene expression. Its ability to fold into complex secondary and tertiary structures is fundamental to its function in the cell.

In almost every step of its life cycle, RNA structure has been found to influence diverse processes including transcription, translation mRNA transcript, and decay. Alterations in RNA structure have been implicated in several diseases. Despite the importance of RNA structure, structural information for most cellular RNAs, such as mRNAs, is lacking due to the low throughput nature of RNA structure probing and difficulties in probing long RNAs.

To fully assess the impact of RNA structure in biology, she aims to utilise and extend high throughput ways to probe RNA structures in solution by coupling structure probing to high throughput sequencing. This enables them to probe RNA structures for thousands of RNAs simultaneously. This expansion of RNA structural data will likely enhance their understanding of how RNA function in different cellular systems, as well as open doors to potentially target these structural elements in diseases.

Speaker’s event

Visualizing Biological Data (VIZBI 2017)

VIZBI 2017
City and Surrounds
14 Jun - 15 Jun, 09:15 am - 09:00 pm