William Gladstone

Marine Biologist

Professor William Gladstone is a marine biologist and is Head of the School of Life Sciences at University of Technology Sydney (UTS). Bill's research focuses on the behavioural ecology of marine fishes (especially their mating systems and spawning aggregations) and the conservation of marine biodiversity through marine reserves. He uses underwater photos and videos to communicate his science and is inspired by the beauty of the oceans and marine organisms to depict them in more artistic ways. 

Bill is fascinated by the overlap of art and science and the creative processes of both endeavours. He regularly collaborates with artists to produce works that are both artistic and scientific and to deepen his own understanding of the world. 


Speaker’s event

ArtScience Soiree: Collaboration Across Disciplines

ArtScience Soiree: Collaboration across Disciplines
City and Surrounds
09 Jun, 06:30 pm - 09:30 pm