Victoria Baldock

Victoria Baldock

Victoria Baldock

CEO of Verve Entertainment

Having been in media sales for over 20 years – in airtime sales, PR and international distribution – Victoria Baldock has pitched a great many projects to a great many broadcasters.

Holding a Bachelor of Arts in Communication Studies majoring in Business Studies and Film Studies, Victoria began her career with a position at Network Ten Australia in airtime, later moving to London working with top broadcasters in the UK in various publicity and marketing positions. Victoria returned to Australia to take the position with Southern Star.

As Head of International Sales for Southern Star between 1997–2004, Victoria contracted millions of dollars worth of licensing agreements – placing thousands of hours of content in all genres to broadcasters all over the globe – The America’s, Europe, Eastern Europe, Asia, Middle East, Africa, Australia and New Zealand.

In 2004, Victoria founded Verve Entertainment, an independent boutique distribution company representing over 60 producers including The Seven Network, Beckers, Granada, Distraction Formats, Engine Entertainment and a great number of independent producers including Quail Television (Aust), Vokyo Entertainment (Aust), Screendoor (Canada), Freehand (Aust), Black Diamond (UK), Comedy Time (US) and Top Shelf (New Zealand).

In 2013, Verve Entertainment’s focus shifted from placing projects internationally to representing international catalogues into Australia and New Zealand.  

Currently Verve is enjoying a further shift. Now based in Byron Bay, Victoria works as an executive and creative producer working in consultation with producers on the development of their concepts, funding models and preparing their projects for international distribution.

Victoria has attended all major televisions festivals markets, speaks regularly at conferences and is often invited to judge a number of industry festivals. 

With an avid interest in the rapidly evolving world of content distribution and consumption, coupled with an in-depth knowledge of rights definitions, Victoria has an acute understanding of effective windowing of content rights. 
Victoria's strengths are her unwavering ability to know what content can be placed where, when and for who. She can identify market trends, create a need, and successfully fill the gaps. Victoria is relentless in her pursuit to maximize sales revenue.

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