Tony McNamara

Director Planning & Environment, City of Canada Bay

Tony McNamara is director of Planning and Environment at the City of Canada Bay Council. He has been in the position for twelve and a half years and in that time his council has gazetted the first LEP using the new standard template and subsequently updated with a second version. Prior to Canada Bay, Tony was a partner with Environmental Resources Management, a consulting firm specialising in environmental impact assessment and contaminated site management.  
As a planner Tony was involved in the assessment of a number of linear projects including the Pacific Highway upgrade, power transmission projects, and a gas line project in China. Currently Tony is a vice president of the Planning Institute of Australia NSW Division. Tony has previously been chair of Local Government Planners Network, and national councillor representing NSW. Tony has worked for a total of five councils and has a good appreciation of the issues facing councils from a city, coastal and regional perspective.
In recent times, Canada Bay Council has focused on the issue of provision of affordable rental housing. Tony has facilitated the acquisition of approximately 30 affordable housing units through use of Voluntary Planning Agreements (VPA) and is currently addressing the adoption of inclusionary zoning mechanisms to generate affordable housing within areas of urban renewal.
Qualifications: MELGLaw, BA, Dip U.S, Dip LGMgt, Cert LG planner, RLFPIA.

Speaker’s event

Housing Affordability: Place by Place Forum

Place by Place Forum – Exploring the Importance of Place Thinking in Affordable and Social Housing
City and Surrounds
31 May, 09:00 am - 03:30 pm