Tina Kao

Senior Strategic Planner, City of Canada Bay Council.

Tina Kao is a senior strategic planner at the City of Canada Bay Council. Tina has a background in social planning, strategic planning and community development at the City of Sydney and North Sydney Councils. She was involved in the development of the City of Sydney’s 2030 In Your Village visions and was responsible for development of the first ever ‘Markets in the City’ Policy and Management Guidelines in NSW, which provided multidisciplinary solutions to complex scenarios.

This Policy has been instrumental to the vibrant markets culture and locations currently throughout the City of Sydney. Since Tina began working at the City of Canada Bay, she has revamped Council’s Affordable Housing Policy through the development of an Affordable Housing Position Paper and Evidence Report to assist council in setting out its principles and direction in this important realm. Tina has also led community planning work at the City of Canada Bay and is currently working on priority precincts planning.

Speaker’s event

Housing Affordability: Place by Place Forum

Place by Place Forum – Exploring the Importance of Place Thinking in Affordable and Social Housing
City and Surrounds
31 May, 09:00 am - 03:30 pm