Thomas Marland

Freelance Music Technology Specialist

A producer and performer, co-producing for electronic music project "The Nights", Tom has toured internationally and nationally as a multi-instrumentalist for Future Classic signed project, "Panama". He also freelances as a music technology consultant, having assisted in building the Ableton playback rig for the ARIAS, and serving as the Ableton Live playback technician for the artists performing at the ARIAs.

In addition to this, Tom has consulted with numerous popular bands/artists such as Tom Thum & SAFIA in implementing Ableton Live as the brains of their live show, from hardware and MIDI I/O routing to program change messages, or chain selecting instruments to SMPTE timecode for lighting and vision. With a broad range of skills and experience in terms of music and technology, Tom is also working producer/performer/teacher/music technology consultant based in Sydney, Australia. 

Speaker’s event

Creative Careers 2017

Creative Careers 2017
City and Surrounds
27 May, 10:00 am - 04:00 pm