Tanya Hennessy

Comedian, Radio Announcer, Writer

Tanya is a radio announcer, comedian, and writer who quickly became known as a funny 'it' girl, and can currently be heard as the breakfast announcer on HIT104.7 Canberra, the number one FM breakfast show in the nation’s capital. She authors a monthly column for news.com.au where she candidly shares her experiences and opinions on life matters.

One particular column on the ‘difficulty of moving cities and having no friends’ (of which she has much experience!) is one of the most viewed articles on news.com.au (250,000 clicks in twelve hours) and featured on several national breakfast and news television shows including National 9 News, Studio 10, Weekend TODAY and The Project.

Her columns are regularly syndicated across News Corp publications including Daily Telegraph, The Courier Mail, Perth and Adelaide Now and The Daily Mail. She is also a contributor to Yahoo7's Be. Tanya will be lending her expertise to the curated panel at Yahoo7's 'Selfie to Superstar' event.

Speaker’s event

Selfie to Superstar

City and Surrounds
07 Jun, 06:00 pm - 08:00 pm