Susana Alarcon

Susana Alarcon

Susana Alarcon

Design Lab, USYD

Susana Alarcon is a designer who is passionate about using technologies in the service of improving people’s lives. 

She is tutor at the Faculty of Architecture, Design and Planning and a member of the Robotics and Digital Fabrication team at the Digital Modeling and Fabrication Lab of Sydney University. There, she helps students gain technical skills across hardware and software platforms for prototyping and building sensor-based interfaces.

She started her career as an Industrial Designer in her home country Mexico, where she spent some years designing display systems, furniture and audio equipment - using technology mainly in digital fabrication processes.

Inspired by the work of electronic artists and to gain more skills in technology design and development, she moved to Sydney to complete a Masters in Interaction Design and Electronic Arts, specialising in user-research. Her study focused on human-computer interactions and the development of creative machines and interfaces. Susana has collaborated with different electronic artists and exhibited her projects at the Powerhouse museum as part of Sydney Design Week and Sydney Makers Faire.

Empowered by technology, she recognised the potential of design in enhancing life and promoting wellbeing, especially in the disability sector. This led her to pursue a PhD degree at DesignLab. Her current research is dedicated in understanding sensory processing differences in autistic children and their impact on daily activities, in order to design assistive technology that can support them. 

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