Steven Bai

CEO and co-founder, Sencity Corp

Steven Bai is an award-winning, anti-disciplinary designer and interaction design researcher. His works were featured in many international creative festivals and conferences, including Beijing Design Week and Vivid Sydney.

Steven is the CEO of Sencity Corp, together with his team, Sencity is reimagining connected urban street furniture and changing the way we think about responsibility, and imbuing the urban environment with moments of joy. Steven completed his Bachelor of Design Computing with First Class Honours at the University of Sydney, and his Honours research in persuasive technology was awarded with the University Medal. Steven’s practice investigates the role of design-led innovation and technology in shaping our lives and experiences in everyday environments. 

Speaker’s event

Urban Tweaks: Prototyping Creative and Liveable Cities

Urban Tweaks: Prototyping Creative and Liveable Cities
The Rocks
11 Jun, 03:00 pm - 05:00 pm