Steven Bai

Product Designer & Interaction Design Researcher

Steven Bai is an award-winning anti-disciplinary creative leader and maker, who pursues to motivate sustained changes in people’s everyday behaviours by creating immersive experiences that are both playful and meaningful. Steven completed his Bachelor of Design Computing with First Class Honours at the University of Sydney, and his Honours research in persuasive technology was awarded with the University Medal. He was later awarded with the John C. Harsanyi Alumni Award Medal for his contribution to international communities. 

Steven has worked in the creative industry on cross-platform projects and media installations since 2011, and his work has been featured in many international exhibitions and conferences including Beijing Design Week 2015. He developed the initial idea for the TetraBIN product, which (the initial prototype) was then exhibited at Vivid Sydney.


Speaker’s event

Redesigning Urban Inventions: City As A Service

Redesigning Urban Inventions: City As A Service

The Rocks
11 Jun, 09:00 am - 11:00 am