Sophie Koh


Sophie Koh has released 4 independent albums, formed her own record label and won awards such as Best Female Artist (The AGE Music Awards) and Best Contemporary Song at IMA (Independent Music Awards USA). She was unearthed by Triple J in Darwin back in 2003 and she has since toured and collaborated with many, such as Ben Lee, The Go-Betweens and The Eels. Sophie was born in New Zealand, to Malaysian Chinese parents and spent her childhood in Singapore. Her new album BOOK OF SONGS sees her divert course into the classical-crossover world, revisiting her classical piano training and her ethnicity. BOOK OF SONGS is a splendour of pop songs, inspired by Chinese poetry, played on predominantly grand piano, cello and viola; with a few songs in Mandarin. She is also a new mum, now attempting to juggling creativity, self-managed music career with motherhood on a daily basis. 

Speaker’s event

Pathway to Platform: Making It in the Music Industry

Pathway to Platform: Making It in the Music Industry
The Rocks
10 Jun, 09:00 am - 11:00 am