Sasha Titchkosky

Sasha Titchkosky, Soul Safari SYDNEY

Sasha Titchkosky

Co-Founder, Koskela

At Soul Safari: SYNDEY, Sasha Titchkosky of Koskela shares the extraordinary collaborative work she's doing within and in support of indigenous communities in Australia. Learn how that work began, the impact that it has had on her personally, and the stories of the communities in which she works.

After a career in the corporate world, Sasha Titchkosky founded Koskela in 2000 with her husband Russel Koskela. Koskela is an innovative designer and supplier of furniture to some of Australia's leading corporations, educational institutions, public buildings and private residences. Koskela is committed to manufacturing their range in Australia and using their design skills to effect social change. The Yuta Badayala project is very close to Sasha's heart and reflects the key values behind Koskela. A collaboration with the indigenous weavers from Elcho Island in Arnhem Land, these design projects also include Tili Wiru with the Tjanpi weavers and Durrmu with renowned indigenous artist Regina Wilson. 

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