Sara Delpopolo

Founder, The International Social Media Association (ISMA)

Sara Delpopolo is principal of Axis Legal and a leading expert in digital media and intellectual property law. She advised on the earliest mobile content campaigns, and acted on the first Federal Court mobile spam case in Australia. From as early as 2005, Axis Legal has represented clients with their various legal issues arising from the platforms that we now know as ‘social media’.  In 2012, Axis Legal compiled its seven year learnings and published the first guide to social media law: Social Media – Playing by the Rules.
Sebastian Terry says “Everyone has at least one thing they have to do before they die”.  So in 2014, not happy with just running a law firm, Sara founded the International Social Media Association (ISMA), a global not for profit organisation dedicated to advancing, protecting and balancing the rights of businesses and individuals on social media.

Speaker’s event

MediaSocial 08

MediaSocial 08
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02 Jun, 06:00 pm - 10:00 pm