Sally Dominguez

multi-award-winning innovator Sally Dominguez

Sally Dominguez

Catalyser Host & Adventurous Thinking Facilitator

Sally Dominguez is an innovation thought leader, a multi-award-winning inventor, entrepreneur and educator living in San Francisco and working worldwide.

In 2003 Dominguez designed the ground-breaking Nest highchair which is now held in the Powerhouse Museum Permanent Collection.  Nest created the category of designer baby products and pioneered a new finish in rotomolding. In 2005 Dominguez designed the modular Rainwater HOG tank, inventing the now-common practice of using through-holes to brace plastic flat-walled water tanks and winning five international awards for innovation and sustainable design including being named a Top 10 Green Building Product in the USA.  In 2012 Dominguez developed her Five Lenses methodology of ADVENTUROUS THINKING to help people structure their thinking around the process of a consistently innovative thinker.  

After working with the NSW Board of Studies to teach Design Technology students about her innovative process, Dominguez devised her ADVENTUROUS THINKING innovation framework of Five Lenses for a workshop at Stanford University in 2013.   The Five Lenses advanced design thinking strategy has now been introduced to American and Australian corporations including NASA, Genentech, SanDisk, ClifBar and Breville.   Dominguez works with these organisations to increase consistently innovative thinking across all departments, and to re-mine “old” research and redefine costly failed initiatives and research as “foundation building” for new innovative steps.  Recently Dominguez  nuanced her thinking strategy into an enhanced STEM program for primary and secondary  education. SYSTEMIC combines STEM with Innovation and Creative Communcation.  This new cross-curriculum connective learning system debuted in select Wagga Wagga primary and secondary schools March 2017.

Dominguez was a panelist and judge on the ABC TV’s The New Inventors for 7 years.  She judges cars for Wheels, judges products for the US-based Spark Design, and teachers innovative thinking internationally.  She was named one of Advance Australia's "50 for the Future" Silicon Valley entrepreneurs in 2012, is an ambassador for Engineers without Borders Australia and was the first Australian to drive the grueling Rallye de Gazelles.


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