Ryan Reynolds

Ryan Reynolds

Ryan Reynolds

Co-Founder and Co-Director, Gap Filler

Dr Ryan Reynolds is a founding member of the Gap Filler Trust. His uncommon journey from electrical engineering to a doctorate and university lecturing in performance studies sparked the development of a radical body of work with a broad and diverse understanding of creative practice. A literally ground breaking event in 2010  the massive earthquake in Christchurch — prompted Reynolds’ next metamorphosis into a leader of creative-led urban development, where the fields of performance studies, public art, community development and urban design intersect. Gap Filler has had an impressive impact, noted in both The Lonely Planet Guide and The New York Times ‘top places to visit’ entries about Christchurch.

Ryan is now a co-director of the organisation, working on Gap Filler’s projects whilst doing worldwide consulting work to help governments, not-for-profits and the private sector establish frameworks for creative projects with positive social outcomes. He is also the founder of Life in Vacant Spaces Charitable Trust and founding member of Ohu (Office for Holistic Urbanism). He holds a PhD from Canterbury University, and has had teaching and research roles at Canterbury University, Lincoln University, University of Technology Sydney and Copenhagen University in Theatre and Film Studies, Environmental Management, Design, and Landscape Architecture.

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