Rosemi Fitchett

Master Trainer & Psychologist, Herrmann International Asia

Rosemi is an HBDI® Master Trainer and Learning and Development Consultant for Herrmann International Asia. A Registered Psychologist with a background in education and learning design, Rosemi is the Whole Brain® Subject Matter Expert for the Asia region providing expertise to independent consultants and organisations who use Whole Brain® Systems. She is all about maximising the effectiveness of Whole Brain® Thinking in organisations through consulting, workshop facilitation and product development. Rosemi is passionate about organisations who invest in the potential of their people. She believes people are the foundation upon which all organisations are based. More productive people mean more productive workplaces.

About Herrmann International Asia 

Herrmann International Asia is part of the internationally acclaimed global thinking group, Herrmann International, the originators of Whole Brain® Thinking and the HBDI®. 

No matter what the future of your work looks like, how it is structured - physically, virtually, technically - in this fast paced, ever changing, hotdesking, collaborative future, harnessing the diversity of thought you have within people and within teams is a critical factor. And that's what we do. Unless you can crack the thinking code you are going to struggle.


Speaker’s event

The End of Nine to Five

The End of 9 to 5
The Rocks
02 Jun, 11:00 am - 01:00 pm