Richard Sokolov

Co-founder and Director of ide Group, Richard Sokolov

Richard Sokolov

Co-founder and Director, ide Group

In spite of a burning desire for a career in professional football, Richard built on the talents he did have in physics and on his boundless curiosity about how things work, to become a successful engineer. More than 16 years on he still loves to create, to make things what they are and do what they do.

As the resident “prototype breaker” at ide Group, Richard excels in leading the team in exploring possibilities and coming up with breakthrough ideas. With Richard’s long and distinguished track record in creating and launching new products, the golden moment when it all comes together are still a real triumph and delight for him. For Richard, seeing people’s eyes light up, when together you get the “aha” moment or, when someone grabs a product and smiles, never gets old.

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