Richard P. Taylor (USA)

Richard P. Taylor (USA)

Richard P. Taylor (USA)

Professor of Physics, Psychology and Art; Director, Materials Science Institute, University of Oregon, USA

Richard P. Taylor is a Professor of Physics, Psychology and Art, and is the Director of Materials Science Institute at the University of Oregon, USA. He has worked in the USA, UK, Canada, Japan, Australia and NZ and has published more than 250 papers.

In addition to his career in science, Richard is a trained painter and photographer. He adopts an interdisciplinary approach to studying natural patterns - called fractals - exploring them across physics, psychology, physiology, geography, architecture and art. Richard uses his interest in fractals to encourage collaborations between the arts and sciences and to promote public awareness of science. His work has been featured in TV documentaries including The Art of Science (ABC, 1998); Hunting the Hidden Dimension (PBS, 2008) and The Code (BBC, 2011).

His work has also been the subject of popular press articles in publications from The New Yorker to New Scientist and Time magazine. He regularly lectures around the world, commissioned by organisations as diverse as the Nobel Foundation, the Royal Society, the Pompidou Centre and the Guggenheim in New York.




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